more tonnes
with the same
Travel time
reduction up to
maintenance savings
Maintenance labor
hours reduced by
Less unprofitable idling
time for trucks

Have you met the last minute changes in daily operations and yearly requirements for cost reduction? With Sleipner System you can get more production tonnes out and make your business more profitable.


The Sleipner System reduces tracked equipment transport times up to 85%. At the same time the fleet idle/waiting time is minimized. The utilization rate and the tracked equipment’s availability for production are increased. Fleet production tonnes can increase between 12% and 20%. As the contractor typically gets paid only on production tonnes, this increase in productivity together with reduced cost per tonnes improves the total profitability.


Sleipner System opens entirely new possibilities for operation planning. As mobilization issues are resolved, the work needs one excavator less. Dozers and drills can be moved according to the client’s production needs. Areas that don’t need full time dozer or excavator service availability can share resources. Sleipner System gives possibilities for restructuring the contractor’s fleet,, meaning the same tonnage and service level can be reached with a smaller fleet.


The Sleipner System reduces the maintenance costs of the tracked equipment by doubling or even tripling the lifespan of the undercarriage. The tracked equipment can be taken to the workshop for service and maintenance instead of executing the repairs in the pit. Maintenance at the workshop is at least 20% faster than in the pit. Unplanned maintenance work can be done at the same time as planned maintenance, because all the tools and spares are available in a safe working environment. Pit maintenance and re-fueling always contains spillage risks. With Sleipner System you get less maintenance costs and labor hours, improve safety and minimize environmental risk. After service, the equipment can be easily dropped to the next working location according to the client’s production needs.

Decline pricing

Mining companies are known to request annual pricing reductions from contractors. With Sleipner system it is possible to make a profitable business even when the contract price drops. The contractors may also suffer a lot from last minute production plan changes made by their clients. Relocation of the tracked equipment might become costly and results in losing time and money. By reducing the time spent on relocation up to 85% and using the spare time on profitable work, the losses are minimized.

Customer saying

"With Sleipner System it is possible to answer to mining companies’ demands, and to keep the service level in an agreed level without an excessive backup fleet. The operating cost per tonne is lower than before thanks to the Sleipner System, direct impact on monthly tonnage figures are remarkable, travel time is used now for valuable loading. Sleipner System helps to keep operations in competitive shape and our profit has been rising even though the mining company has been cutting contract pricing.”