Travel time reduction
up to
maintenance savings
Excavator LCC
reduced by
Maintenance labor
hours reduced by

Looking for productivity increase and cost savings, combined with better mobility? Sleipner System solves all of these challenges in the mining industry.


With Sleipner System you can achieve up to 85% reduction in tracked equipment transport times. Currently, the transportation of an excavator or a drill might take more than one shift, but with Sleipner Systems it can be done in one or two hours. The saved time can be used for productive work, as the equipment in question is designed for. Thanks to reducing transportation times, the utilization rate and tracked equipment’s availability for production are increased. In practice, the productivity increase could be between 12% and 20% with efficient use of the Sleipner System.


Sleipner System reduces the maintenance costs of the tracked equipment by doubling or even tripling the lifespan of the undercarriage. The tracked equipment can be taken to the workshop for service and maintenance, instead of doing the repairs in the pit. The workshop maintenance is at least 20% faster than repairs done in the pit. Both unplanned maintenance work and planned maintenance can be done at the same time, because all the tools and spares are available in a safe working environment. Thanks to improved service times, the machines’ down time is reduced. After maintenance, the equipment can be easily dropped to the next working location according to production needs.


Sleipner transport system opens new possibilities for mine planning with mobilized tracked equipment. With Sleipner's solution the work can be done with one excavator less than required. Because drill fleet mobility doesn’t set any restrictions on the planning, the blasting sequences can be planned without compromises. Dozers can be relocated according to production needs. Areas that don’t need full time dozer service availability can be operated with shared resources.


Wheels under tracked equipment bring flexibility to operations. The equipment is easy to move whenever needed, and relocation can be done even in the middle of the shift. Blasting breaks and fly-in fly-out roster changes can be used for maintenance procedures in the workshop.

Customer saying

“After professional on-site training and commissioning, the operators are eager and confident in using the Sleipner System. After a few months of use the positive impact was already visible in maintenance. Together with the increased production time, the payback time was almost instant.”