Travel time
reduction up to
Maintenance savings
Oil/fuel spill reduction
100% in the pit

With Sleipner System you can get wheel loader mobility and keep excavator efficiency with smaller operational costs. Perform selective loading efficiently and blend your material without compromises.


Selective loading is a commonly-known key success factor in the quarry business. Typically, it requires more excavators or better wheel loader mobility to reach production requirements. The plant’s optimal output performance requires a specific blend and compromises cause losses. The entire production chain’s overall efficiency might drop radically. With Sleipner System you can solve all these common challenges and use on demand blending to minimize stockpiles and over-quality feed to the plant.


The Sleipner System can reduce excavator transport times up to 85%. Often the transportation distances are tolerable, but the need of daily transport, or sometimes even a few times per day, might be costly. Sleipner saves time and the time saved can be used for productive work. By reducing transport times, the utilization rate and excavator availability for production are increased. The productivity increase could be between 12% and 20% with efficient use of the Sleipner System.


The Sleipner transport system opens new possibilities for quarry planning with mobilized excavators. It allows for restructuring the quarry’s loading fleet resulting in the ability to reach the same tonnage with a smaller fleet. Would you like to keep the same amount of production with one piece of equipment less, while reducing maintenance costs or increasing the production amount with the current fleet? Both ways guarantee a more efficient fleet and optimize your operations. With Sleipner System you can get wheel loader mobility and yet keep the excavator’s efficiency with smaller operational costs. Areas that don’t need full time excavator or wheel loader availability can be operated with shared resources.


The Sleipner System reduces the maintenance costs of the excavator by doubling or even tripling the lifespan of the undercarriage. The excavator can be taken to the workshop for service (incl. refueling) and maintenance, instead of executing the repairs in the pit. The workshop maintenance is at least 20% faster than the same work done in the pit. Plus the unplanned maintenance work can be done at the same time as planned maintenance, because all the tools and spares are available in a safe working environment. Pit maintenance and re-fueling always contains spillage risks. Sleipner System means less maintenance costs and labor hours, improved safety, and minimized environmental risk.

Customer saying

“Originally, we were looking to purchase a wheel loader, but we were convinced to change to an excavator with Sleipner combination. This was a win-win situation to us, as we were able to get the same blending possibilities with the excavator as with a wheel loader, but with lower life cycle costs. We don’t even need to have a fuel truck anymore as the refueling can be done in a safe environment close to the workshop.”